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The foundations of the company known today as ALR Ltd were laid in King's Lynn in 1861, when young apprentice J T Gibson first applied himself to the art of lead casting. The company first started as Anglia Lead Limited.
He was a diligent student and his success was such that he was asked to make the lead coffin for Prince John, the youngest son of George V, who was buried at Sandringham. Mr Gibson's two sons followed him into the business as demand for their services spread throughout the United Kingdom.

ALR has been privileged to work on some of the nation's most prestigious buildings: listed homes, National Trust and English Heritage sites, buildings of special architectural significance and ecclesiastical monuments large and small.

The responsibility of helping to preserve our country's heritage is one that we take most seriously. No less important is the responsibility of maintaining the company's long established reputation for reliability and fine workmanship.

For, despite the size and complexity of our operation, our success is still very much anchored on the basic principles of craftmanship and customer satisfaction - principles of which Mr J T Gibson would undoubtedly have approved.