About Us: Meet the Team

About Us

Meet the Team
At ALR we work as a team – blending all the essential skills and disciplines required to achieve the successful completion of each individual project.
From project management and design advice, to working with both traditional and modern materials, the ALR team is proud of its reputation for pure professionalism.

The ALR team brings its skills and craftsmanship not only to old buildings, but new ones, too – locally, nationally and internationally. We take pride in maintaining an unrivalled level of excellence.

Much of our work is spent on repairing the grandeur and the beauty of the past for the benefit of the future. We take great pride in our policy of actively employing apprentices and teaching them the skills and craft disciplines that are the essential bridge between the past and the future.

Below are a list of our main key contacts at ALR Ltd

Managing Director: Carl Edwards
Email: carl.edwards@alr-ltd.co.uk
Telephone: 01603 626 856
Fax: 01603 619 171

Contracts Manager
Key Personnel: Dave Norman
Email: dave.norman@alr-ltd.co.uk

Key Personnel: Phil Wicks
Email: phil.wicks@alr-ltd.co.uk

Health & Safety
Key Personnel: Carl Edwards
Email: carl.edwards@alr-ltd.co.uk

Finance & Accounts
Key Personnel: Paul Whitworth
Email: paul.whitworth@alr-ltd.co.uk

Trade Co-ordinator
Key Personnel: Chris Renhard

Email: info@alr-ltd.co.uk




49 Barker Street, Norwich. NR2 4TN.