What We Do: Roofing

As our name implies, Anglia Lead is a specialist in sandcast lead sheeting and its installation. But we have also worked for decades with all the main roofing materials, both ancient and modern.
Anglia Lead is highly skilled in the use of all the main roofing materials - as you might expect from a company that was founded way back in 1861!

 While we have a long and proud tradition of providing our local communities with lead roofs of the highest quality, we are equally skilled at working with other popular materials, such as VM zinc, copper and Terned Stainless Steel.

Whatever the type of job or its size, you can rest assured that we will supply or source the most appropriate material.

Anglia Lead's roofing work ranges from repairing or replacing any part of a roof - including weather vanes and finials - to installing an entire roof on a new building.